Many video editing programs (Vegas Video, Adobe Premeire, Final Cut Pro, etc) offer basic music arrangement, and several DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) have the ability to import video for basic editing (Logic, Ableton Live, Sibelius, etc).   Until now, the only way to get quality sounds with a well-designed music-writing interface has been to own one of each of these program types and ReWire them together.   ReWire is a protocol used to do two main tasks:

  1. Sync playback (start, stop, and posistion slider) between two programs
  2. Pipe audio from one program into another one
The downside to this solution is you have to own two pieces of expensive and resource-intensive software.  As a film composer, not only are you spending extra cash on pro film software (of which you need very few capabilities) but you're also taxing your computer more than needed just to write some music by having two large programs open.  
VeWire is a low-cost solution to this problem.  VeWire is a module for VLC Media Player which allows it to be a ReWire Master.  What this means in English if you want to write some music for a piece of film, just follow these easy steps:
  1. Open VLC with the VeWire module installed - lightweight program in ReWire Master mode
  2. Open your favorite DAW - heavyweight program ReWire Slave mode
  3. Set up tempo transtions so downbeats align with key video points in you DAW
    1. Pressing Play on either the DAW or VLC will play both from the same point in the timeline
    2. Pressing Stop will also stop playback on both programs
    3. Scrubbing the position slider will scrub in both programs - always in sync!
  4. Write your score and export!
Now you have a film score file that will sync with the video.  Give it to the editor so he can drop it in place and edit the levels as appropriate.  



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