Auri System

Posted by admin on May 21, 2012

The future of sound design has arrived.

Complete your sound system with the total audio visual experience.

The Auri System combines unparalleled sound with an incomparable custom visual design system.

The Audio

Based upon declassified military research on Constant-Beamwidth underwater sound Transducers (CBT), the system was designed and implemented by Marshall Kay and Don Keele of Audio Artistry, Inc.  Each cabinet is a 5-foot tall two-way curved line array that provides sonic accuracy and soundfield coverage control surpassing even the finest high-end loudspeakers. 

Each array features eighteen 3.5" drivers along with 72 specially designed 3/4" wideband tweeters.   The 3-1/2" drivers utilize a Neo-Balanced 1" underhung motor that is capable of 20 mm peak-to-peak excursion and features a shorting ring to keep distortion under control.   

As the world's first broadband constant directivity (CD) loudspeaker system for the home, the Auri system provides extremely even coverage and flat frequency response at all locations in the listening room.

The Visual

The Auri System brings and unmatched visual component to the high end listening experience by offering a completeliy customizable finish to the speaker cabinets.  With the Five Tiered Finish System, the visual properties are as immersiave as the audio.

Finish System

  • Classis - Keep it simple and classic with red, black, white or clear finish.
  • Natural Select - Natural select offers walnut, cherry, and ebony colors for a warm wood tone.
  • Solid Custom - With Solid Custom, any solid color is possible.  If you are attempting to match surrounding furniture or environments simply submit the color sample (e.g., Benjamin Moore 680 Opal Essence) and the Auri System will match it.
  • Ultra Select - For something unique and elegant: gold and silver leaf, antiqued and bronze.
  • Pure Custom i With the Pure Custom Tier, any finish is achievable and limited only by the color spectrum.  If you want to match a piece of furniture in the sound environment, send the pictures and Auri will match it.  Take it a step further and send in a piece of the furniture, moulding or paint and Auri will match it.  Contact Auri to explore the possibilities of total visual control.  

The Auri Sound System.

Progressive sound.

Unsurpassed design.

Contact Auri today and experience the future of sound design.



Each cabinet is artistically crafted and custom-finished to match your personal style and setting. 

Price per cabinet: $4,250 with Classic finish.  
Natural Select: $300 extra per pair.
Solid Custom: $500
Ultra Select: $2,000
Pure Custom: $4,500